I Want This

OK, so here is how it works.

This is really much better than a business card. The card gets put in a wallet with your competitors’ cards or even worse, it gets lost.

This is software that your prospects download from your computer and put on their computer. Then they can use easily use it whenever they want.


Your prospective customer just needs to click on one of the “buttons” in the software to find out about your city or neighborhood. They can click on a button for

Mortgage Calculator

By the nature of the software your prospects see you as an agent who is upfront and honest, so they trust you. That trust goes a long way to making a prospect a client.

Maybe you don’t have a website, or it is too much trouble or too expensive to put the download page on your website. That’s OK, you can use our website for a very modest fee of only $4.88 per month or $48.80 per year. That covers up to 200 downloads per month, a cost per prospect of about 2 1/2 cents each.

Of course, if the prospects download from your website then there is no download fee at all.

The advantage of having your prospects download from our website is that it gives you another presence on the web, one that Google will take notice of. Also we can link from your download page to your website. Google likes pages that other people link to, so the more links you have the better.

There is a one-time modest fee for the software. (We do have to make sure the programmer eats.) The software cost is only $19. It is a one-time fee and then you can give the software to an unlimited number of prospects.

What is the hidden advantage?

There is a hidden advantage to giving away this software. It builds an email list. There is a good chance that they will sell or buy another house in the future. Since they already trust you, there is a good chance that they will choose you to handle their next real estate transaction — especially if you have maintained an email campaign with your prospects.

We can help you with you email campaigns as well as your other internet client acquisition, monetization and retention needs. We are currently working on another software project which will keep you in the clients mind even after they move into their new house, or sell their old one.

This software is better than a business card. It is cheaper than purchasing business cards over and over. It builds trust. It can give you another presence on the web, and another reference pointing to your website if you have one. These are both important in Google’s eyes and will help to get your website ranking better. It can help build your email list which is a big factor in getting repeat business. That’s a lot of advantages for only $19.

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